Only Stevie® Award winners are eligible to purchase awards and commemorative items in the store.  All orders are checked to verify eligibility.

Shipping Terms and Costs
Delivery terms for customized duplicate awards are 6-8 weeks from date of order.  For non-personalized items, such as medals, lapel pins, and apparel, delivery terms are 2-4 weeks from date of order.

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Before filling out any personalized awards, please read the following suggestions.   
Up To Three Lines for Inscriptions
Line 1 (below “Presented to”) lists the name of a company or individual. The second line (below the word “for”) is for the name of the winning nomination OR the name of the category. A third line may be added.

Who Is Entitled to Awards?

Either the company that entered the nomination and won the award OR that entry’s sponsor, as well as any person who was involved with the accomplishment the nomination described. Additional Line can be used to acknowledge an individual contributor to the entry (i.e., CEO, VP, Salesperson, Assistant, etc.)

Right Spacing
In preparing the text for awards please look at the photos and you will see that the space is very limited.We assume you would like to have the name of the company printed as large as possible. However, if the name is too long, then smaller type has to be used to fit in the space, or else it must be split into two lines, which makes the setup even smaller. If, for example, the name is “Albert Production and Communication Centers, Inc.”, you will see immediately that this cannot go on one line, but must be broken up into two. But would not “Albert Production Center” be sufficient? Please keep this in mind and apply this principle as well to the spacing of the title of the nomination.


If you or your company did not enter the winning entry into the Awards, you must supply a letter of authorization from the entering company in order to have your award order processed. Please email this letter to

Payment Methods
You may pay with checks, money orders, wire transfers, or credit cards. Checks must accompany order. Payments from outside the U.S. must be made by International Money Order or by checks written on U.S. banks. All checks in U.S. dollars to be made payable to Stevie Awards, Inc. Master Card, Visa, American Express are all accepted credit cards.

Made to Order Policy
Personalized merchandise is made to order. Orders will only be remade if the product is different from what you ordered.

Monies paid for merchandise such as duplicate awards are not refundable. 

Order Status
With any questions about the status of your order, contact us at Be sure to include your order number in your correspondence.